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At Net Systems Ghana Ltd, we pride ourselves in saying we are the TRIED brand. ‘TRIED’ connotes a tested and accepted brand whilst at the same time is an acronym that stands for the individual core values which are inculcated deep within each member of the company. T-R-I-E-D stands for:

T – Teamwork: We pride ourselves in team rather than individual glory. No individual achievement supersedes that of the group achievement and all strive to work together to achieve the ultimate goal of the company. In this team-spirit, emotional intelligence prevails over individual differences to guide our professional conduct and etiquette.

R – Reliability: We are reliable individually and as a group. We take pride in creating reliable partnerships that we hold in high esteem. To our suppliers, meeting our obligations is the least we strive to achieve and to our customers, we strive to make product security a common service.

I – Integrity: We again pride ourselves in impeccable honesty in all our dealings. At Deen Petroleum, we recognize that reputations, once damaged, are either irreparable or take very long to repair. We therefore pride ourselves in finding an impeccable image in our social mirror (how external people view us).

E – Excellence: This attribute is the scale on which we weigh ourselves. To us, taking that extra mile in service to put a smile on the faces of our partners is part of our duty. We believe the saying that if you follow excellence success will follow you pants down. To us, excellence also means deriving utmost benefits from our environment using best known practices and technology that guarantees sustainability.

D – Dynamism: We are also a dynamic brand. We pride in evolving with industry and customer need is the yardstick with which we measure our products. This makes us a very responsive brand as we strive to meet our customer needs at all times.